Mission & Vision

Perovskite Society of India has been established to promote research and development activity in perovskite materials and devices in the country. Recently, perovskite has been emerged as “the next big thing” in materials science and engineering with applications ranging from energy sector, optoelectronics devices, defence sector, space applications, sensors development, biomedical field. Therefore, the primary aim of the society is to promote awareness about perovskite research and solicit future policy on this area. The society will aim to spread knowledge in the perovskite field among people and make them more aware about the commercialization potential of this material for energy and environment application by enhanced academia-industry collaboration. The society will be involved in various common activities including conducting workshops, seminars, conferences, promoting start-ups and industry involvement in the above mentioned domains.  We aim to make next generation “energy scientists and engineers” and bridge young scientists and engineers in one common platform. It comprises of experts from leading research institutions working in various domains related to perovskite both from academia and industry.